Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011, Son

This New Year's Eve was celebrated in Mountain Creek, New Jersey – a small town known for its skiing, snowboarding and native population of incestuous murderers. Nah just kidding. (Nah not really). But aside from all that, the weekend was spent inundating myself with delicious food and alcohol and inflicting irreparable harm on my physical being. Here are some delightful images to satiate your curiosity:

First off, props to Chaz, who singlehandedly raped and pillaged every ingredient we had in order to provide us with an entire weekends worth of fine dining.

Prosciut and Brie holdin' it down. 2011.

A stick of Black Truffle Butter. If I have to walk through a full body scan at an airport I can't promise that I won't be smuggling several of these inside of me.


Kitchen groupies.

I can think of no greater accomplishment for a pig than to transform into strips and wear a costume of crushed black pepper.

Bruzelsprowts. Bacon. Pine Nuts. Smiles.

Oh, hello there.

Chaz employing a liberal hand with the truffle butter. I would later find a disc of it in the shower, leading me to believe that he used it as bar soap.

When you put Oreo's inside of a cheesecake, that cheesecake will taste better.

'Specially when you be whippin ya own whipped cream.

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