Monday, June 6, 2011


My attempts at not overeating on holiday weekends - or any weekends for that matter - or ever - have failed so remarkably for the past several years that it takes my breath away. It takes my breath away because I have so much red meat and cheap, domestic beer in my mouth that I can't breathe. This past Memorial Day weekend was no exception. I went back to Queens where I volunteered to man the grill. Mainly so I'd be exempt from cleaning up. Here are some noteworthy images for your eyes and your brainpiece...

These, as you probably already know, are baked beans. They taste good alone, or dumped on top of other things.

Grilling fruit is something that sounds very gay but is actually very gangster. It's actually both at the same time. And it's delicious. Especially pineapple. Slice 'em, throw em on and pull 'em once you got some char. Those red peps were marinated in balsamic dressing.

I cannot say enough good things about Lloyd's Ribs. Straight up out the vacuum sealed package, these things require nothing except heat. And they are pretty much just as good as any fancy ribs I've ever had.

Burgers wit smoked gouda and prosciut.

Greek salad crafted by my mutha.

Quintessential spread pic.

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