Monday, June 20, 2011

Yo Come Onnnn

This occurred at Lansdowne Pub, which is located in Midtown West – an area of Manhattan absolutely perfect for people that love panic attacks. But Lansdowne is an excellent sports bar, and I was there excitedly watching the Bruins make a mockery of the Vancouver Canucks. The walls of the bar are decorated with roughly 6 million TVs, so you would be hard pressed to not find whatever game you'd like to witness.

This philly cheese steak wasn't no Jim's or Gino's, but it was pretty legit nonetheless considering they had WIZ, which I also requested be maniacally poured atop my fries. Shout out to Josh Lennon, the only person I know that lives in Philadelphia.

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  1. This blog is the antithesis of my blog but I like it :) xo