Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I present to you some seriously legitimate food from Mezzogiorno, in Soho. It's located a block away from Aquagrill, where I became engaged in a verbal altercation with a girl who - after I politely asked her boyfriend to move down a tiny bit on the bench we were trying to share - literally morphed before my eyes into a praying mantis and tried to sink her insect fangs into my neck in an effort to remove my head. But that story has little relevance right now.

Delicious and perfectly cooked thin crust pizzas and no bullshit pasta dishes are the highlight of this joint. The dish below - that's chunks of braised wild boar on top. It is a fact that I now require chunks of braised wild boar on top of everything I do.

Last time I was in Mezzogiorno, Matt Dillon was sitting two tables away. You know, the Dillon that's not Johnny Drama. I stared at him until he became uncomfortable.

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