Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eric & Cook Make Dinner

My sister and I haven't cooked together in a while because she has been in and out of rehab. But the other night we did, and it was at my parents house, AND THEY WEREN'T HOME, so we cracked open a couple of Zima's and cranked up the radio almost as loud as it goes and we made some food. Here are pictures:

Friggin' red onion, huh?

Some sprouts and pancetta in an early stage of good looking.

A couple handsome loins of pork being decorated with whole grain mustard and rosemary.

Pearl onions hanging out in a jacuzzi of chicken stock and garlic.

Roasted sprouts, pancetta and shaved parmesan cheese looking serious.

The pork soon united with the onions and basically it tasted like it looks.

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