Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello and welcome to Open Wide – a voraciously appetizing literary playground in which you can sway freely upon the well-oiled swings of culinary delight. If you like food, you will like this blog. If you don’t like this blog, then you must not like food, in which case you will starve, and won’t have the focus or the stamina to read anything anyway. So if you like reading, and don’t like starving, this blog should be of interest to you.

Open Wide is a maniacal roller coaster through the digestive system of humanity. It is messy in here. Any food related topics are fair game – whether it be a spirited discourse on the bizarre but strangely appealing nature of shredded lettuce, or a stern-voiced critique on the butter dispensing habits of the workers at my local movie theatre.

This den of textual deliciousness is not limited to that which requires chewing. We will address cocktails, wine and beer. We will address them often. We will talk about how if you can manage to find a can of San Pellegrino Limonata, you need to dump some in a glass with ice and pour vodka and club soda in it immediately. (We call it a Meg Ryan).

All aspects of that which can be cooked, cut, slurped, sipped, and swallowed will be illuminated.

There is a lot to talk about. Open wide.

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  1. congratulazioni e buona fortuna il mio figlio