Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Wonderfully Reckless Abandon of Spaghetti With Butter

The nostalgia and deep seated comfort that exists in the act of making and eating spaghetti with butter is almost too fantastic to handle. Devastatingly unhealthy and a surefire way to render yourself incapacitated for the next several hours, the simple, barely adorned reality of a plateful of spaghetti drenched in melted butter, black pepper and parmesan cheese is one that I embrace. I recommend eating it in bed while watching something like Hoarders or Intervention, so that as you gorge yourself with the long, salty strands of pasta you are reminded that there are people who have possums living in their refrigerators, or cases of computer duster set aside for afternoon inhaling.

DID YOU KNOW?: The Italian Futurist movement in the 1930’s advocated a highly regulated, specified diet which called for the abandonment of all pasta. In his bat-shit crazy manifesto, The Futurist Cookbook, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti asserts that, “Pasta is not beneficial to the Italians. For example, it is completely hostile to the vivacious spirit and passionate, generous, intuitive soul of the Neopolitans. The defenders of pasta are shackled by its ball and chain like convicted lifers, or carry its ruins in their stomachs like archaeologists.” Take it easy, guy!


  1. Classic and delicious. On another note, that intervention video was so disturbing and yet I couldn't look away. I think I'll go prepare a plate of pasta and watch a couple episodes...

  2. there is nothing more appetizing than a fridge possum.

  3. There's no possum in our fridge just a squirrel eating your inappropriately guarded cyanide aka chunky peanut butter you filth