Thursday, November 25, 2010

If You're Cold, Do This

Everyone (I think...) loves apple cider. If you don't, what's your problem? It's delicious. Know what makes it even better? WHISKEY. Here's what to do:

Get a pot. Put as much apple cider in as you want. Then put as much whiskey in as you want. You should have more cider than alcohol but I am not one to criticize the depraved and insane, so do as you please. A bourbon like Jack Daniels or Makers Mark or Jim Beam works nicely because they're on the sweeter side.

Slice oranges and apples. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, halve some black cherries and put them in there as well. If you have pears or peaches, then by all means, get busy. Cinnamon sticks. A generous splash of orange juice. Let it simma on the stove at low to medium heat. Ladle that amazingness into a mug and taste why you should love winter. Cheers.


  1. I like to use Sailor Jerry's spiced rum...delicious.

  2. The orange juice is a terrific twist! And what a garnish!

  3. I love cooking fruit down, they exude the most amazing sugary sweetness.