Friday, December 3, 2010

The Holy Trinity

Let’s start by clarifying some ensuing linguistics. You will occasionally find that when ‘FRESH MOZZARELLA’ is mentioned on Open Wide, it will be shorthanded to ‘MOZZAREL’ (which for anyone devoid of Italian American friends, is pronounced: ‘MOOTS-AH-DEL’). In some extreme cases, ‘MOZZAREL’ will be shorthanded to ‘MOOTS’. If that’s the case, you can be sure that I am drunk.

Fresh moots, tomato and basil is a pairing so divine that it’s sure to bring an expression of euphoria to even the most Negative of Nancies. I live by this trio. I envision a day spa where they put a stack of these three ingredients on each eye. For $12 extra you get a pesto facemask. Aside from flavor, their aesthetic appeal is uncanny. But as with most things, the true magic is manifested through proper seasoning. Salt and pepper, naturally. Preferably a light drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (I promise I'll try to never say the words ‘light drizzle’ on this site again). Some people like to go on top with a little Balsamic Vinaigrette as well, but at that point I’m of the opinion that you’re straying too far from the flavors of the primary ingredients. Especially since when it comes to Balsamic, what is intended to be a light drizzle (whoops) usually winds up being a syrupy downpour of crimson-brown terror. I say skip it.

Since this dish is generally served as an app, take care not to gorge yourself so full that you can’t eat your entrée. Your self-control will pay off. Especially if you have intentions of partying after dinner, in which case a digestive system packed to the brim with compressed cheese is not the ideal canvas upon which to paint a night of drinking.


  1. Moots. I love it. I will be the first to sign up for the trifecta facial.

  2. Light drizzles make the world go if you said something like "yummo" then we'd have a problem.

  3. have you seen the photos of rachel in FHM magazine?