Monday, June 6, 2011

Dolla Oystas

These are some shots taken in the charming and gorgeous backyard garden patio of Bobo in the West Village. Everyday from 5-7 pm they have one dollar oysters, five dollar beers and seven dollar glasses of a pretty good Rose. Props to Tina Crawford for putting me on.

The interior dining rooms and the patio in the back are pretty stunning, and feel like if New Orleans had sex with a classy Victorian prostitute and gave birth to a restaurant that plays James Brown at a devious but enjoyably loud volume. There's an herb garden in the corner out back and as a result the air was permeated with the sultry scent of fresh basil, which caused my nose to believe it was having an orgasm.

These oysters were pretty delish. Although it should be noted I went back a second time and they were wack. So, do with that info what you will.

These hot little numbers were jazzed up with thin slices of pickles and capers.

The terrifying, SPAM looking business in the foreground is pate which was served on top of nicely toasted squares of bread and garnished with dijon mustard and cornichons. It was delicious. Sawsage bread atop miniature puddles of melted gorgonzola in the middle, and finally more deviled eggs.

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