Monday, July 11, 2011


Do you want a delicious piece of bread stuffed with juicy chunks of pig? Yes. Yes you do. And if you don't, you should rethink your decision, because pigs were put on this earth for two reasons: to be stuffed in bread, and to be hilarious looking. And at Porchetta in the East Village, only the most hilarious looking pigs are placed upon your sandwich.

A traditional street food of Central Italy, porchetta is a mindblowingly moist roast of pig that is wrapped in a crispy layer of pork belly. At Porchetta in the East Village, you can either have it hacked up and served in a perfectly crisp piece of italian bread, or on a plate with a few different sides.

Above is kale, brocolli rape and spinach - drenched in a glorious amount of garlic and oil.

And for the faint of swine heart: the mozzarella sandwich - with sundried tomatoes, basil, capers and olive oil. Also outstanding.

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