Monday, August 8, 2011

Nosh If You Dare

Look at this gloriously stocked snack drawer. This was hiding in a piece of furniture in my room at The Liberty hotel in Boston, which was gorgeous and incredible and used to be the Charles Street Jail in 1851, housing some of Boston's most notorious, funny accent speaking pervs and murderers.

Anyway, I didn't move anything inside the drawer, as I was scared it would set off some kind of motion detected alarm and bill me the $7.00 it was so generously charging for the meek, miniscule tin of bite-size Snickers. But, as it is, the contents of the snack drawer impressed upon me. Milagro AND Patron!? Artfully contained peanut M & M's? And that box in the right hand corner? Filled with sex stuff! But I was with my friend Marc, and he had his period so we didn't use it.

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