Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Every once in a while - a very seldom while - I will have a Bailey's on the rocks. There's no denying its' deliciousness. It's like an alcohol milkshake (which, on a sidenote they serve at BLT Burger. I had a vanilla milkshake with Stoli Vanilla and Oreos. Out of control.) I used to drink White Russians, which were the bomb, but I can't shake the overwhelming consciousness of the fact that there is dairy in my drink. And dairy makes my stomach hurt. I'm not lactose intolerant (thank god. god help you people) but it definitely makes for an unpleasant abdominal situation upon waking up in the morning. But nonetheless, it's a nice thing to sip with friends and family here and there. Above is a photo of my mom's Bailey's on the rocks. Below is a photo of her Bailey's on the rocks on the table.

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