Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I recently visited the khaki colored city of Boston, where if you don't have a Red Sox hat on, the police are instructed to cut your head off. The bars close at two a.m in Boston, which basically means the guys there have to rufie their girlfriends' clam chowder in the afternoon.

We were staying with my friend Danielle, and instead of going out to dinner (which I was totally psyched to not do because I spent all my money on rufies), she cooked for us. Here is a braised leg of lamb which tasted as delicious as it looks. Technically a 'lamb' is a baby sheep that has misbehaved so badly it has to be killed and covered in rosemary. Look at the marrow peeking out of the bone like a little marrow turtle. Now that I'm thinking about it I wasn't offered any of that, leading me to believe Danielle hid it and used it to start knitting the 3rd patch of her highly anticipated marrow quilt.

She also made some chocolate souffle which turned out very well. Souffle is French for 'extremely sad old woman'. The whipped cream lounging adjacent to the souffle is homemade and contained brown sugar. And now I contain all of it.

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